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Color is a power which directly influences the soul!

We want to share our love for color with you and thus we bring to you sustainable printed handkerchiefs which will not only brighten up your day but become an essential part of it. A simple Rumaal is so underrated but it is so much more than just a piece of cloth. It is a mothers love for her child when she pins it on their uniform. It's a husband's love for his wife when he gives it to her in happy times and sad. It's a grandmother's memory when she leaves it behind for her grandchildren.

Our aim with Rumaal is to bring back the handkerchiefs so that you can start using these more than you use a single use tissue paper. There are two major reasons for using a handkerchief over a tissue paper – tissue papers agitate the skin and often don't serve the purpose and they have an adverse impact on the environment as multiple trees are chopped down to make tissue papers that get thrown away after a single use.

We are a slow fashion brand and we focus all our efforts on sourcing responsibly and locally, trading fairly and manufacturing ethically in small batches, products which are durable and usable for a long time! Our core values lie in making products that will make the world a better place, one design at a time!

The Story

An early memory we have of the rumaal being used is by our grandparents and parents. I still remember how our grandmother would carry around a rumaal everywhere she went and would always have it ready incase we needed it. Tissues were hardly in the picture growing up. First because it was expensive and something we could not afford at that time. Secondly because my parents thought it was a complete waste of paper when hankys and napkins can be washed and reused easily. It’s only after we grew up that we all moved to using tissues and slowly handkerchiefs started fading out.

A lack of availability of soft, 100% cotton, premium handkerchiefs with great designs is also another reason for it not to be used as much today. No one wants boring whites or plain colors - the handkerchief needs to change with time and that's when we come into the picture.

Lastly, we realised that printed rumaals can make for such a good gift to your loved ones and friends and also perfect return favours for weddings and parties!

As the first brand in India to do so, we are here to change the way you view the good ol’ rumaal!

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