Why is Hemp the most sustainable fabric?

18 May 2021


Educating yourself about sustainable fabric can be a real task with all the politics and half truths going around. But we are here to tell you that if you are thinking hemp, you are thinking right! No seriously, its difficult to find a single fabric that is more sustainable than hemp aka Cannabis Sativa, not to be mistaken for our beloved fun loving Mary Jane; like literally, you could smoke up a ton of hemp and the only high you'll get is the moral high ground for the choice of your fabric.

When the fashion industry around the world is having a rough time maintaining the rap in environmental responsibility, hemp fabrication is opening new doors of sustainable and environmentally responsible fabrics to the fashion industry. For the last many years, this fabric has been taking on the world and big brands of the fashion world are already busy finding ways to incorporate hemp in their sustainable clothing line. And why won't they? It takes up no pesticides in it's cultivating process. Hemp is recyclable and is available to us in beautiful natural colors. Its versatility allows it to be used with other weaker fabrics to make it stronger. It's cultivation process is also one of the most hassle free processes out there, as it can produce up to 1,500 pounds of material per acre of land and only consumes as little as 2,300 litres of water to produce a kilogram of material for textile, making it both abundant and sustainable. It is also mold-resistant and highly durable which makes hemp one of the strongest existing fibers. It is a lightweight fabric with high breathability guaranteeing its users with utmost comfort. It is easy to design because it doesn’t crease easily, making it more popular among designers and is also world renowned for its durability and resistance to rot , as it is used to make sails and ship rope. Hemp is unquestionably a more sustainable and organic crop, with which we can make anything with a much lesser impact on the earth. Rumaal always strives to bring you the best. Our line of hemp handkerchiefs is a testimony to that. It disposes of the dirt and dust right away and ensures that every time you wipe your face, it's a clean swipe.

Despite all of its obvious benefits hemp has been sidelined when it comes to the fabric and fashion industry. Whereas it should be quite the contrary, because the current fast fashion industry not only advocates rapid production and disposal of fabric but also largely contributes to the increment of carbon footprint. Also, choosing hemp means more production of hemp which in turn means more hemp plants which help absorb CO2 from the atmosphere at a faster pace compared to other plants. Imagine combating climate change while wiping the sweat off your forehead? How cool is that!

Also, don't you hate it when your handkerchiefs just keep getting tougher as days pass to the point of stinging your skin?? Well fun fact, Hemp actually softens with time. Yes, you heard that right, basically every time you wash it you are just relaxing the material more, resulting in it growing softer. Well, we do not want to tell you what to do, but would you rather choose a fabric that just wears away with or one that ages just like fine wine? We will leave you to decide that.

Hemp is also UV resistant, basically the fabric equivalent of sunscreen. Hemp fabric is tightly woven making sure that no sun rays penetrate the material surface. And we all know what overexposure to sun rays can do to one's skin - various skin problems, even skin cancer is not off the table. Wrapping a hemp handkerchief around your face on a sunny day could actually be life saving and all you have to do is get one for yourself! Not only UV resistant, hemp is also hypoallergenic so it is suitable for all skin types and would not end up in allergies or annoying rashes, instead it's soft fabric feels extremely comfy against the skin.

Hemp isn't known as a miracle plant for nothing, but limited availability is preventing it from being the world's dominant fiber. There is no easy fix, but you can be the change you want to see by voting with your wallet and purchasing hemp-based products the next time you go shopping. We, as a brand, want to make the sustainable choice with hemp because we believe it is the most environmentally friendly fabric available today. Not to mention, our line of products are extremely pocket friendly too, because our goal is to also make sustainability easily accessible to all.

Also totally unprofessional of us, but we want to let you in on a secret : do you know the first ever US flag was made out of hemp? Oh and the US Constitution? Guess what the papers were made of - you guessed it right, none other than your new favourite fabric (we are hoping) - HEMP!

Now, we are not saying anything but carrying such a rich piece of history in your pocket in the form of our handkerchief is sure to make you feel classy and high-end!


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